"IZHWAX BASIC 2020" release wax


Creating a release layer that provides multiple removals of parts from the mold with obtaining a smooth and glossy surface.

It is used in the manufacture of products based on epoxy, polyester, styrene, acrylic and other types of resins, artificial stone, and other materials.



  • Cost effective

  • Easy to apply

  • Dries quickly (15-20 min.)

  • Easy to polish

  • Leaves no marks and stains after polishing

  • Temperature resistance up to 95ºC



1. To renew the release layer, we recommend the use of the "IZHWAX AERO" liquid wax, which will significantly reduce the time and

     labor costs when applying and polishing.

2. For commissioning of new and restored molds, use the "IZHWAX PRIMER" release wax together with the "IZHWAX PVA" release



Фото Базовый 2020.png

Instructions for using "IZHWAX BASIC 2020" wax